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Removing Mold from a Dartboard

Discover effective methods to remove mold from your dartboard without the need for a replacement. Learn the strategic approach involving sunlight, a sturdy brush, and careful handling. Avoid aggressive scrubbing and harmful chemicals. Place the dartboard in direct sunlight for 2-4 hours, periodically checking for mold reduction. After sun exposure, use a stiff brush to eliminate debris, avoiding water to prevent damage.

Comprehensive Guide: Removing Mould From Your Dartboard


Discovering mold on your dartboard is not only frustrating but also poses sanitation concerns. Instead of hastily purchasing a new one, explore effective methods to remove mould and salvage your beloved dartboard.

Removing Mould from a Dartboard

Tackling mould on your dartboard requires a strategic approach involving sunlight, a sturdy brush, and diligence. Initial avoidance of aggressive scrubbing prevents exacerbating the issue or triggering allergies. Chemicals like bleach are to be steered clear of, as they may inflict damage to the dartboard.

Place the dartboard in direct sunlight for 2-4 hours, regularly checking for mould reduction. Following sun exposure, employ a stiff brush to eliminate any remaining debris, refraining from water usage to avert potential damage.

Understanding the Causes of Mould on a Dartboard

Mould manifests when airborne spores discover moisture on surfaces, including neglected dartboards. This occurrence is prevalent in warm, damp environments like basements and closets. Preventive measures involve storing the dartboard in a cool, dry place and implementing regular cleaning routines.

Effective Prevention of Mould Buildup on a Dartboard

To thwart mould growth, store the dartboard in a cool, dry environment and adhere to specific cleaning methods based on the board's material. Each dartboard type necessitates distinct cleaning approaches, ensuring prolonged durability through consistent maintenance.

Consider opting for high-quality dartboards endorsed by reputable organizations such as the PDC for added assurance.

Detailed Cleaning Methods for Different Dartboards

Cleaning a Cork or Bristle Dartboard

Cork or bristle dartboards, commonly used for steel-tipped darts, demand regular cleaning. Begin by removing any metal wire or frame, followed by a thorough vacuuming and wiping with a dry cloth. Avoid using liquids to preserve the integrity of the board.

Cleaning an Electronic Dartboard

Electronic dartboards, designed for soft-tipped darts, boast easy cleaning methods. Wipe the board with a dry rag, avoiding water to safeguard the delicate electronic sensors beneath the surface.

Final Thoughts on Dartboard Maintenance

In the unfortunate event of mould, expose the dartboard to direct sunlight for several hours, followed by a thorough brushing without water. Consistent cleaning, proper upkeep, and responsible storage practices will guarantee the longevity of your dartboard for years to come.

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