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Coming Soon: Elevate Your Game with Innovative Dart Accessories!

Premier Darts is gearing up to revolutionize your dart-playing experience with cutting-edge releases in early 2024. Among the highly anticipated launches is the Shot Darts Michael Smith Limited Edition, featuring only 2023 numbered dart sets. Save the date for December 7th at 9 am BST to secure your exclusive Bully Boy collection.

Explore the future of darting innovation with Target's Virt Camera System, enabling virtual matches globally, and the Omni Auto-Scoring System, eliminating manual scoring hassles. Convenience meets innovation with the Winmau Vertex Dartboard Stand, offering rapid assembly and portability.

Stay tuned for the Red Dragon Airwing Moulded Flights, a unique addition with a molded design to fit most shafts. 

Coming Soon: Transform Your Game with New, Innovative Darts & Accessories!

Premier Darts: Embracing the forefront of darts innovation, we are committed to staying ahead as technology transforms this age-old game. For those seeking cutting-edge equipment upgrades, our coming soon blog promises excitement.

NEXT WEEK! Don't miss out on the highly anticipated Shot Darts Michael Smith Limited Edition Darts Launch, happening on December 7th, from 9 am BST. This rare and highly collectible Michael Smith - Bully Boy release features only 2023 numbered dart sets, making it a must-have for enthusiasts and collectors alike.


While darts has always been a social game, Target's latest launch, the Virt camera system, offers a solution for those tired of solo home practice. This two-way camera shares both the dartboard and the thrower simultaneously, enabling virtual darts matches with opponents worldwide. Integrated with the DartCounter App, engaging in live games with players across the globe is just a click away.


With a front-facing camera for real-time viewing of your play and a dartboard-facing camera to witness where your darts land, the Virt camera can be wall-mounted or attached to the MOD System for quick setup, allowing you to be ready to play within minutes.


If manual scoring dampens your enjoyment due to math uncertainties or trust issues, Target's Omni auto-scoring system is the game-changer you need. Eliminating the need for manual scoring methods like chalkboards, electronic counters, or scoring apps, this system automatically tracks your dart landings on the board with impeccable accuracy.


Introducing the Winmau Vertex Dartboard Stand—a rapid-assemble twin-leg dartboard stand that requires no drilling to play against any wall. Utilizing Winmau's unique secure plate design, it comes complete with an easy-to-fit 3-piece surround and a stylish lightweight carry bag, offering convenience and portability for your dart-playing needs.



In a league of its own, the Shot Darts Michael Smith Limited Edition promises a spectacular release of only 2023 numbered dart sets. Launching on December 7th, at 9 am BST, this exclusive Bully Boy collection is set to be a rare and highly sought-after addition for dart enthusiasts and collectors. Don't miss your chance to own a piece of darts history!


Get ready for another exciting addition to our lineup with the Red Dragon Airwing Moulded Standard Flights. These flights, soon to be available, boast a unique moulded design crafted to fit most shaft designs. Branded by Red Dragon and featuring the Standard Flight shape, each set contains three flights. Stay tuned for more details on this innovative addition to elevate your dart game!


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