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Discover a comprehensive range of dart flights offered by Premierdarts.co.uk. Our online dart store showcases an extensive selection of high-quality dart flights from well-known brands such as Winmau, Target, Harrows, Loxley, and Bull's. These professional-grade dart flights not only affect the way you throw, but they also reflect your identity as a dart player. Find the perfect dart flights and shafts to suit your playing style and personality at Premierdarts.co.uk. We offer a vast range of options to cater to players of all levels and preferences. With our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, you can trust us to provide you with the best possible dart products and service.


At Premierdarts.co.uk, you'll find a diverse selection of dart flights to choose from. These essential accessories not only affect your throwing style, but also reflect your identity as a dart player. With various shapes available, ranging from extra wide to slim dart flights, you're sure to find the perfect fit to enhance your game.

Selecting the right dart flights is crucial for a successful and consistent throw. It's essential to match the flights with your darts, the materials used, and the length of the shafts. The flights play a significant role in determining the trajectory of your dart, making it imperative to choose wisely. At our store, we offer a broad range of flights, varying not only in prints and colors, but also in shape and materials. The latter two factors have a significant impact on your throw. If you're a novice dart player, we recommend trying out various flights to determine the best fit for your throwing style.


Dart flights come in different materials, thicknesses, and sizes. The term "micron" refers to the strength of the flight, with higher micron flights being stronger and having a longer lifespan than lower micron ones. Typically, a standard flight has a micron rating of 100. For frequent and active players, it's advisable to invest in higher micron dart flights to ensure their longevity and enhance the stability of their throws. With our range of dart flights, you can choose from different micron ratings to suit your needs and preferences. Experience improved performance and durability with our high-quality dart flights.

If you have any further inquiries regarding flights please don't hesitate to reach out to our Customer Service team. They will be more than happy to assist you.

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