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Eagle Darts Full Hawk Grip Swiss Point
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Eagle Darts Points


Simon and Dave from Castleford, West Yorkshire founded Eagle Darts, driven by their passion for the sport and the desire to help fellow dart players improve their game. That's why they created the Talon, Hawk, and Vulture Grip points - to enhance your throwing accuracy and prevent score loss due to falling darts.

Their story began with a negative customer experience, which inspired them to create their own unique solution - the three core grips that have since become their signature offering.

As pioneers in the industry, Eagle Darts Points are committed to delivering exceptional quality and service to their customers. They believe that every player deserves the best possible experience, both on and off the board.


Keep Your Darts on Target with Eagle Darts Points

We understand that confidence is crucial in darts, and lost scores can be a major setback. But with Eagle points, you can throw with confidence and aim for those big scores without worrying about your darts falling to the floor. And the best part? These points will stay securely in the boards without causing any damage, so you can keep throwing uninterrupted.

So why not give Eagle Darts points a try and see the difference for yourself? At Premier Darts we're confident that you'll love them.


Eagle Darts Point Grips

Talon Grip: 

The original grip type, the Talon grip will provide you with finger grip as well as a high level of traction on the board.

Hawk Grip:

This particular grip type has a rougher texture that allows it to firmly grip the board, while also providing a subtle textured grip for your fingers.

Vulture Grip:

This dart point offers reliable grip for both the board and fingers, ensuring optimal stability and control during gameplay.


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