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Discover our wide selection of Target darts, known for their innovative design and attractive appearance. Notably, many famous professional darters, such as Phil Taylor and Adrian Lewis and Dimitri Van den Bergh use and are sponsored by Target darts, all of which can be found at Target darts are highly sought-after for their advanced technology and exceptional craftsmanship. For instance, many Target darts feature the popular Pixel Grip, including Phil Taylor's line of darts.

Target is a well-established brand in the world of darts, having attracted some of the biggest names in the game since its inception. Phil Taylor, Rob Cross and Dimitri Van den Bergh, are just a few of the top players who use Target darts.



Moreover, Target darts also feature the innovative Swiss point system, which allows players to easily change their dart points without having to replace the entire barrel. This makes customization and adaptation to different game situations or personal preferences much more convenient for players. The Swiss point system is a game-changer for darters, providing more flexibility and ease of use. Check out our selection of Target darts with Swiss points at

Browse through a wide variety of Target darts, available in different weights. The brand's popularity has grown significantly thanks to its many high-profile sponsorships and collaborations, and it has become a leading name in the darts industry, offering a diverse range of darts and accessories.

If you have any inquiries about Target darts, feel free to get in touch with our customer service team!

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