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Shot Flight Deck

SHOT Flight Deck Dart System

Discover a revolutionary darting experience with the Flight Deck Dart System, featuring an integrated dart flight and shaft system that sets it apart from the rest. Crafted from an advanced composite polymer, Flight Deck is meticulously designed to provide optimal flexure and strategic weight placement along the shaft and flight.

Precision in Every Throw

Experience tighter dart groupings on the dartboard and improved overall dart balance, thanks to Flight Deck's innovative construction. The integration of a Carbon rod at its center adds not only strength but also durability, ensuring a taut and longer-lasting performance.

Intelligent Design for Enhanced Performance

Flight Deck's intelligent and dynamic rotation upon impact minimizes deflections, offering unparalleled accuracy during play. The fileted edges of this dart system not only prevent collision damage but also minimize stress point load, elevating your darting precision to new heights.

Unmatched Stability

Bid farewell to the frustration of flight and shaft separation during play. Flight Deck ensures that Robin Hoods are kept at bay, providing unmatched stability and reliability throughout your darting sessions.

Upgrade your darting experience and take control with Flight Deck - where innovation meets precision for the ultimate darting performance.

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