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We Stock A Huge Range of Steel Tip Tungsten Darts

Our selection of steel tip darts sets offers a wide selection of options to cater to players of all levels, ranging from novice to pro. We have a diverse range of prices, including economical sets for beginners and premium sets for more experienced competitors.

To assist you in finding the perfect darts, we've created a filter that allows you to sort them by weight, such as 21g, 24g, or 28g darts. The dart's weight is influenced by the barrel's material, and different weights can impact the descent rate during a throw. You may personalize your darts by using other components to achieve your desired weight. Furthermore, our filter lets you sort by material, colour, brand, or darts with additional grip.

If you're unsure which darts to choose, either send us a message or visit our blog for more information on the aspects to consider when selecting darts.


When purchasing a dart set, it's essential to keep in mind that the set comprises four key components: the tip, barrel, shaft, and flight. The tip and barrel usually account for the majority of the set's cost. However, the shafts and flights are prone to wear and tear with regular use and will need replacement over time. Therefore, it's recommended to purchase extra shafts and flights along with your darts to avoid running out during a game. Additionally, if you're looking for affordable dart options, consider looking for cheap darts that provide quality and durability without breaking the bank.

Our diverse selection of steel tip dart sets includes options made of brass, tungsten, and more. We carry sets used by some of the top players in the sport, such as Raymond van Barneveld, Michael van Gerwen, Phil Taylor, Gary Anderson, Michael Smith, Joe Cullen, and Rob Cross. We update our inventory regularly with new darts from these players and their sponsors to help elevate their performance. You can find all professional dart players' darts in our dedicated category. Our collection always features the latest dart sets and accessories used by these renowned players.


The steel tip darts we offer on this page are intended for bristle and sisal dartboards, which are the most commonly used types of dartboards in the United Kingdom. Although there is also a soft tip form of the sport, which involves throwing on an electronic dartboard, it is mainly practiced in other countries. If you're looking for darts specifically for use with an electronic dart board, you can check out our range of soft tip darts on our separate webpage.


As mentioned earlier on this webpage, we provide a blog that offers detailed guidance on the best darts to purchase. However, if you still have inquiries or require recommendations when buying darts, please don't hesitate to contact our customer service team. They are available to assist you in identifying the ideal darts for your needs and can provide you with a clear understanding of why certain darts are suitable for you.


At, we always stock the top brands, including Winmau, Target Darts, Unicorn Darts, and Harrows Darts. We also carry darts designed by specific players such as Michael Smith, Joe Cullen, and Phil Taylor. Whether you're seeking renowned brands or darts associated with individual players, you're sure to discover what you're seeking at


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