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Dive into the festive spirit with our curated Darts Christmas Collection, where precision meets holiday cheer! Unwrap the joy of darting excellence with exclusive offerings from renowned brands like Target Darts, Red Dragon, Eagle Darts, Perfect Nine Darts, and Premier Darts. Elevate your game with stunning sets like the Winmau Firestorm Flame, the Loxley Ryan Searle Steel Tip, and the Ross Smith Two-Tone, each crafted with meticulous attention to detail for the perfect gift under the tree.

Discover the magic of innovation with Shot Darts' Rannsaka and Perfect Nine Darts' exceptional offerings. For the aficionados who appreciate craftsmanship, explore the Blade 6 Triple Core Dartboard, a culmination of 30 years of engineering innovation, or Step Beyond – The Aspar Dartboard from Target Darts, designed to modernize the game itself.

Whether you're shopping for a seasoned player or someone just starting their darting journey, our Darts Christmas Collection offers the ideal blend of style, precision, and innovation. Make this holiday season extra special with gifts that hit the bullseye of excitement and joy!

Ultimate Darts Christmas Gift Guide

Our darts gift range includes everything from professional level dart boards and darts sets, to dart points, shafts and lights as well as a huge selection of clothing and other darts accessories – all packed into our exclusive range of gifts for darts lovers. Whether you're looking for a Christmas present or have a birthday or anniversary coming up, give a gift that will really hit the bullseye!




Darts accessories are a must for every dart player. Having spare sets of flights, shafts and tips helps you play at your best. Shop now to get all the supplies you need for top performances. We stock a huge variety of darts accessories such as cases, clothing, bags, sharpeners and much more. Discover our top picks below.




Winma Polaris Light


The Winmau Polaris Dartboard Light is the ultimate dartboard light with simple and easy fitting. The universal dartboard fitting allows the board to be used with or without a surrounding. The perfect gift for those wishing to add some flare to their dart setup.



Winmau PDC Surround Set


This holiday season, elevate the festive cheer with the perfect gift for sports and entertainment enthusiasts – the stunning Winmau branded PDC endorsed sport design set. Embrace the excitement of televised darts with a gift that is not only visually captivating but also ready for action straight out of the box.

This meticulously crafted set brings the magic of professional darts right into the comfort of your home, making it an ideal Christmas present for friends and family. Whether they are seasoned players or just starting to explore the world of darts, this beautifully designed set ensures hours of fun and entertainment for all. Give the gift of thrilling gameplay and festive joy this Christmas with the Winmau PDC endorsed sport design set – a present that hits the bullseye for both sports aficionados and holiday celebrations alike.



Eagle Darts Points

Meet the dynamic duo behind Eagle Darts: Simon and Dave, hailing from Castleford, West Yorkshire. Fueled by their unwavering passion for the sport and a shared mission to elevate fellow dart players' performance, they birthed the Talon, Hawk, and Vulture Grip points. Designed to bolster throwing accuracy and prevent score loss from errant darts, these grips are the embodiment of their commitment to enhancing the darting experience.

The tale of Eagle Darts began with a negative customer encounter, inspiring Simon and Dave to craft their unique solution – the three distinctive grips that have now become their signature offering. As industry pioneers, Eagle Darts Points are dedicated to providing unparalleled quality and service to their customers. They firmly believe that every player, regardless of skill level, deserves the optimal experience both on and off the board. This Christmas, gift the passion and innovation of Eagle Darts Points – where precision meets purpose, and every throw tells a story of dedication and improvement.




Embrace the festive spirit with the perfect Christmas gift for dart enthusiasts! When selecting the ideal dart set, it's essential to consider a trio of factors that will make each throw a merry experience. Weight takes center stage, ensuring not only comfort in your throw but also precision across various distances.

The shaft style and length add their own unique charm, influencing the feel of the darts in your hand and their graceful landing on the dartboard. This holiday season, give the gift of a tailored dart set that creates a symphony of joy with every toss. May your Christmas be filled with bullseyes and delightful moments on the darting board!




Target Darts 975 Ultra Marine

Celebrate the spirit of precision and innovation this holiday season with the Target Darts 975 Ultra Marine steel tip darts—a true masterpiece in the world of dart design and performance. Crafted by Target Darts, renowned for pushing the boundaries of excellence, the 975 Ultra Marine boasts a remarkable 97.5% tungsten composition.

Inspired by the Elysian 7th Edition, the barrel of these darts showcases a blend of unique and intricately machined grip profiles using cutting-edge CNC technology, ensuring a level of precision that is second to none. Elevate your loved one's dart game with the gift of the Target Darts 975 Ultra Marine this Christmas—an embodiment of sophistication and unparalleled craftsmanship that will surely hit the bullseye of excitement and joy.




Red Dragon Peter Wright Diamond Fusion Spectron

Unveil the pinnacle of dart excellence this holiday season with Red Dragon Darts' latest masterpiece—the Diamond Fusion Spectron Special Edition, arguably the crown jewel in the Snakebite armory. This exceptional dart is an enchanting fusion of design and performance, boasting the iconic Diamond Fusion technology championed by none other than Peter Wright himself.

With a full-bore color treatment, this special edition takes the allure of the Diamond Fusion to new heights, resulting in a jaw-droppingly attractive dart that is sure to captivate enthusiasts and collectors alike. Gift the thrill of success and unparalleled craftsmanship this Christmas with Red Dragon Darts' Diamond Fusion Spectron Special Edition, a true gem in the world of darts that embodies both style and precision, making it the perfect present for any dart enthusiast.


Winmau Firestorm Flame


Ignite the passion for precision and style this holiday season with the Winmau Firestorm Flame Darts—a revolutionary blend of radical visual design and cutting-edge mill-grip technology. Crafted to deliver the world's most explosive-looking darts, these extraordinary projectiles are more than just eye candy; they offer a performance that matches their striking appearance.

The entire length of the dart is adorned with the latest mill-grip technology, ensuring an unrivaled grip and control for players who seek both style and substance. Gift the thrill of wielding a true masterpiece in dart design this Christmas with the Winmau Firestorm Flame Darts, where innovation meets aesthetics to set the darting world ablaze. It's the perfect present for those who appreciate the fusion of visual appeal and top-notch performance on the dartboard.




Loxley Darts Heavy Metal Vol. 1


Introducing the Loxley Ryan Searle Steel Tip Darts Set, a premium choice exclusively available at Premier Darts for the serious enthusiasts in your life. Immerse yourself in the world of precision and style with the Loxley Darts Heavy Metal Vol. 1 90%. Crafted by Loxley, a trusted name in the industry, these darts, available exclusively at Premier Darts, combine quality and performance to elevate your game.

Whether you're a seasoned player or just starting out, this exclusive set promises an unmatched level of craftsmanship and precision, making it the ultimate Christmas gift for those who appreciate the art and skill of the game. Gift the joy of an exceptional darting experience, available only at Premier Darts, where every throw becomes a masterpiece.


Perfect Nine Darryl Pilgrim


Embark on a journey of excellence with the Perfect Nine Darts - a tribute to one of the sport's exceptional talents, Darryl Pilgrim. Meticulously crafted to elevate his game to new heights, these darts are a testament to precision and design perfection. The precision-engineered ring grip, extending seamlessly to the top of the barrel, ensures a secure and comfortable dart grip, providing unparalleled control. The vibrant Sapphire Blue coating, harmonizing with the shining silver of the tungsten, not only introduces an element of elegance but breathes life into the barrel, creating a captivating showcase of unmatched craftsmanship. Gift the magic of precision and design this Christmas with Perfect Nine Darts, where every detail is a brushstroke in the masterpiece of darting excellence.


Unicorn Ross Smith Two Tone


Step into the realm of champions with the Ross Smith Two-Tone Darts, as wielded by the European Champion himself! These darts, adorned in a stunning Black and Gold PVD coating, not only captivate with their appearance but deliver an incredible performance. Ross Smith, one of the highest-scoring dart players globally, boasts an impressive resume, securing his first Major title in 2022 and numerous other PDC titles to date.

The Two-Tone barrels, accompanied by Black Gripper 4 shafts, Ross Smith Ultrafly Flights, and gold Volute Points, offer not just a visual spectacle but also exceptional functionality. The black and gold ensemble ensures a striking presence on the oche, while the precision-engineered components provide incredible grip in the board without causing any damage to the sisal. This Christmas, gift the winning touch with the Ross Smith Two-Tone Darts – a perfect present for aspiring champions and dart enthusiasts alike.


Shot Viking Rannsaka


Indulge your craving for darting domination with Shot Darts' Rannsaka. Approach with stealth as this 90% tungsten rear-weighted barrel, featuring a sleekly tapered nose, effortlessly constructs super tight groupings on the board. Tougher than a Norse winter, the barrel is dipped in a bold hue of blood red on leather, showcasing the mighty Viking Siege interlocking grip that spans the mid-section. With Rannsaka in hand, it's time to rise, conquer, and claim victory.

You don't just play by the rules; you make them. This Christmas, gift the spirit of rebellion and precision with Rannsaka by Shot Darts – a perfect choice for those who crave darting excellence and want to make a bold statement on the oche.






Embark on a darting adventure with Premier Darts, your premier destination for the finest dartboards that redefine the essence of the game. Founded with a passion for darts, our founders at Premier Darts have curated a collection of dartboards that embody precision, durability, and an immersive playing experience.

Our dartboards, carefully selected for their quality, craftsmanship, and innovation, are a testament to our commitment to providing enthusiasts with the very best. Every dartboard at Premier Darts tells a story of dedication to the game, fueled by the desire to elevate your darting experience.

As pioneers in the industry, we take pride in offering not just dartboards but a gateway to the heart of the game itself. This Christmas, unwrap the joy of precision and excellence with our curated collection available exclusively at Premier Darts – where every dart thrown is a celebration of skill, precision, and the enduring love for the game of darts.


Winmau Blade 6 Triple Core


Introducing the Blade 6 Triple Core Dartboard, a marvel of engineering excellence and the pinnacle of 30 years of innovation in the world of darts. This revolutionary dartboard showcases cutting-edge technology, combining the Sixth Generation Blade and a groundbreaking Triple Core sisal base. This fusion creates the perfect synergy, ensuring optimal fibre density and maximizing scoring potential for an unparalleled playing experience.

The Triple Core Carbon, featuring an all-new patented system, takes dartboard construction to new heights. With a seamless playing surface and a third layer boasting high compression and carbon fibre reinforcement, it sets the gold standard for dartboard excellence. Offering optimal fibre density, unmatched dart retention, and superior scoring potential, the Blade 6 Triple Core Dartboard stands as the ultimate choice for enthusiasts seeking the very best in dartboard technology. This Christmas, gift the precision and innovation of the Blade 6 Triple Core – where every dart thrown is a testament to three decades of engineering mastery.



Target Darts Aspar Dartboard


Embark on a revolutionary darting journey with Target Darts' Step Beyond – The Aspar Dartboard. This cutting-edge creation is meticulously designed to redefine the traditional dartboard, introducing the era of modernized gameplay. Aspar, crafted from high-performance African sisal, stands as a testament to precision and innovation, making it the ideal choice for the professional game.

This dartboard, born from a commitment to elevate the playing experience, boasts several refinements that set it apart from traditional counterparts. Each aspect of Aspar is carefully crafted to enhance the game, offering players a unique and unparalleled darting experience. This Christmas, gift the thrill of innovation and precision with Target Darts' Step Beyond – The Aspar Dartboard, where every throw becomes a step into the future of darting excellence.




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