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Extend the Life of Your Darts by Replacing Individual Parts

As an avid dart player, you understand that darts can wear out and break over time. However, instead of throwing them away and buying a new set, you can replace the individual parts that are worn out or broken.


Identifying Replaceable Parts

Darts consist of four main parts: the flight, points, shaft, and barrel. Out of these parts, the flight and shaft are most susceptible to wearing out due to the nature of the game.


Fixing Broken Shafts

A broken dart shaft may appear to be the end of the dart, but it's not the case. The broken shaft can be removed from the barrel and replaced with a new one. You can use a small, sharp object like a pin, knife, or screwdriver to twist out the remnants of the broken shaft from the barrel. 


Dealing with Broken Tips

While steel dart tips rarely break, soft dart points can break and get stuck in the dartboard. If the tip is visible, you can remove it with your fingers or pliers. But if it's lodged deep into the board, a dart tip removal tool can help.


Replacing Flight and Shaft

Replacing a worn-out flight or shaft is a straightforward process. A new flight can be slipped onto the shaft and then screwed onto the barrel. On the other hand, if the shaft is bent or damaged, it can be unscrewed from the barrel and replaced with a new one.


Getting Help with Fixing Your Darts

If you need help fixing your darts, don't hesitate to contact the customer service team. They can provide guidance and support for repairing your darts.


Benefits of Replacing Individual Parts

By replacing individual parts instead of buying a whole new set of darts, you can save money and extend the life of your darts. This is especially beneficial for those who play frequently, as parts will wear out over time.

You don't need to throw out your darts when they wear out or break. By replacing individual parts like the flight, tip, shaft, and barrel, you can extend the life of your darts and continue playing for years to come. Remember, if you need assistance, contact the customer service team for guidance and support.

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