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Discover the future of darting with Target Darts Swiss Points collection. Effortlessly switch point length, style, and colour with the patented interchangeable system. Experience customisation, durability, and tailored compatibility for an elevated darting experience.

Target Darts Swiss Points: Unleashing Customisation and Efficiency in Darting


Darts enthusiasts constantly seek ways to improve their game, and Target Darts has taken customisation and convenience to the next level with their patented Swiss Points system. In this blog post, we will delve into the remarkable features of Target Darts Swiss Points and explore how they benefit players, revolutionising the darting experience.


The Versatile Swiss Points System

The Swiss Points system is a groundbreaking interchangeable point system that allows dart players to effortlessly switch their point length, style, and colour within seconds. This innovative system provides players with unparalleled flexibility and control over their dart setup, enabling them to fine-tune their performance based on their individual preferences.


Effortless Interchangeability

Gone are the days of complex tools and time-consuming adjustments. With the Swiss Point tool, a pocket-sized marvel, players can easily remove and install their points, streamlining the customisation process. The patented locking system, incorporating taper and thread technology, guarantees that your points will stay firmly in place during play, eliminating any worries of loose points disrupting your throws.

Target Swiss Point


Engineered Durability

Swiss Points are engineered for resilience and longevity. The meticulously designed locking mechanism ensures that the points remain securely in the dart barrel, even during intense gameplay. Additionally, the Swiss Points feature a strategically engineered groove, allowing for the easy removal of broken points using the Swiss Point tool. This durability minimises downtime and keeps players focused on their game rather than constant point replacements.


Tailored Compatibility

Swiss Points are designed exclusively for compatibility with Target Darts SP barrels. This tailored compatibility ensures optimal performance and a seamless fit between the barrel and point. By utilising the Swiss Points system, players can leverage the full potential of their SP barrels, unlocking their darting prowess with precision and accuracy.


Unleashing Personalised Style

Beyond performance enhancements, Swiss Points also offer players an opportunity to express their personalised style. With a wide array of point styles and colours available, players can choose the perfect combination to reflect their individuality and make a striking statement on the dartboard. Swiss Points provide both functional advantages and a chance to stand out among competitors.

Target Darts Swiss Points represent an extraordinary advancement in darting technology, providing players with unmatched customisation options, effortless interchangeability, and durable performance. With the pocket-sized Swiss Point tool as their trusted companion, players can easily switch their point configurations, adapting to different playing conditions and honing their skills. Embrace the power of Swiss Points, elevate your game, and make a distinctive mark on the dartboard like never before.
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